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Welcome to Medspa 29, your medical spa destination right in the heart of Fremont, just minutes away from Silicon Valley and the 680 Corridor. At Medspa 29, we care about preserving your skin and its youth. The skin is our body’s largest organ and one of its primary functions is to protect us from hostile factors in our environment. In so doing, it becomes damaged. Through time this damage accumulates, and the skin unavoidably changes as we age.  We understand the aging process and the challenges associated with it. Whether it’s discoloration, abnormal lesions, thinning, wrinkling, stretching or other signs of aging, there are solutions. We believe in EDUCATING our patients on result driven options, and believe our approach represents the highest level of medical spa success. Our facility is overseen by our Medical Directors, each one a Plastic Surgeon, Eric Okamoto, M.D. and John A. Romano, M.D.  Since everyone’s skin must last a lifetime, it simply makes sense to give it the best care possible…and the sooner the better. 

With the popularity of Medical Spas increasing every day, we want you to know what sets us apart:

  • On site supervision by two Plastic Surgeons with more than 5 decades combined experience in Fremont
  • Established in 2007, we offer 11 years (and still going) of service to Fremont and the surrounding areas. 
  • Patient safety and education is our priority
  • Three Cosmetically -trained Registered Nurses providing advice and technical services
  • Each has a minimum 15 years Laser Hair Reduction and minimum 10 years facial injectables experience
  • Specially trained, state-licensed Aesthetician rendering unique and customized treatments
  • In-depth care to support you before, during and after all treatments
  • Medical and scientifically backed and award-winning Skincare product lines Obagi & Skinceuticals

Give us a call today at (510) 790-1815 to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can learn about your needs and goals, and launch a program that will rehabilitate, refresh and beautify your skin.


Our Services

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