Laser Hair Removal, 

unwanted hair can be quite an annoyance. We offer a method of treatment that can substantially reduce this problem for nearly all areas of the body.  One of our expert Registered Nurses will explain the process during your initial complimentary consultation while appraising whether you are a suitable candidate. To help make this process as comfortable as possible in the more sensitive areas, we offer numbing cream for a small additional fee. We proudly treat with our two FDA-cleared lasers, the Lumenis LightSheer® Diode and Cynosure Palomar Vectus.

How does this work?

A laser glides over the desired area and sends out energy pulses that ‘super heat’ the individual hair shafts.  This heat spreads into the surrounding follicle and damages it.  If the damage is sufficient, the hair follicle will no longer function, and there will be no regrowth of hair. Unfortunately, grey, red and white hairs are not suitable for treatment.

Is this a one-time treatment?

No, it is never a one-time treatment. Only hair follicles that are in the “Growth Phase” are affected by laser treatment, and all hair follicles are not always in the growth phase.  Therefore, multiple treatments will always be required. We generally recommend a minimum of 6 treatments per area. Everyone is unique, so your requirements and results will be unique to you. We occasionally see patients quite content with fewer treatments. Depending on the area, you will need to retreat as frequently as every 6-8 weeks or as far apart as every 12-16 weeks.

Is it 100% removal?

No.  The FDA has cleared hair removal devices for “permanent hair reduction” only. However, a few clients do achieve a 100% permanent removal of hair.  In others, the hair reduction is certainly permanent.  Every patient will respond differently. Some patients will see results after just one treatment and for others it may take 3 or more treatments. Even when the removal is not complete patients are still quite happy since the rate of regrowth is slow compared to other forms of hair removal. Once you achieve what our registered nurses feel is the highest rate of effectiveness, we may only see patients back for maintenance visits annually or even less.

Things to know

Preparing for your initial consultation

To make the most of your initial visit, allow the nurses to see your unwanted hair in its natural state. Please do not pluck, wax, thread, or use depilatories within 2 weeks of your consultation. The only exception to this is shaving, but if this too can be avoided, it is preferred. During this visit, various side effects and all questions will be addressed.

Preparing for a treatment Please avoid tanning (even sunless) a minimum of 2 weeks before treatment. You also want to be sure to stop the use of products containing any Retinol or Retin-A a minimum 7 days before a treatment. If our nurses find the laser responding differently due to tanned skin, they may need to halt treatment, and have you rescheduled to a later date.

Shaving before treatment is necessary. Therefore, we recommend that you shave the night before or morning of your appointment.

Numbing Numbing cream is offered at an additional fee for areas that cause more discomfort. Please discuss this option with your registered nurse to be sure they advise this for you.If you’ll be using numbing cream, we advise applying this a minimum of 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  If you check in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your appointment, you can apply the cream upon arrival at the office. You apply the cream just like icing a cupcake, then place a piece of plastic wrap to let it penetrate and to protect your clothing.

*Please keep in mind we cannot always accommodate a private room for numbing if you choose to numb in office.

After your Laser Hair Reduction treatment

The treated area will feel like a mild sunburn for a few days. You may use Aloe Vera or Hydrocortisone 1% topically. You may also request ice immediately after the treatment. Itching and some redness are common. After a treatment, use a good SPF sunscreen since the treated skin will be more susceptible to sun exposure damage.  Also, we recommend waiting 2 weeks before exposing skin to excess sun (including sunless).

Laser Hair Reduction and other services

Skincare or Injectables and Laser Hair Treatments must be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks apart when treating a mutually treated area. We do this as a safety precaution to avoid the risk of complications.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (510) 790-1815.