BLU-U light and Photodynamic Therapy

The BLU-U light has been scientifically proven to reduce acne-causing bacteria - in fact it is FDA approved for this therapy. At Medspa 29 we have effectively used this light as part of our arsenal for acne control. However, there is another exciting use for the BLU-U light. When it is combined with a topically applied agent called Levulan (aminolevulinic acid), a biodegradation process occurs within abnormal skin lesions. This intracellular destructive process has been dubbed ‘photodynamic therapy’ or PDT. Since acne is more aggressively treated with PDT, we often apply it for the more severe cases of acne. Other common skin lesions, including precancerous skin lesions and actinic keratoses (rough skin nodules), are also effectively treated with this process. For those patients with a known history of basal cell carcinomas, prophylactic use of PDT will reduce the need for future excisions with the obvious advantage of diminishing facial scarring.

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